Level 1: Goals creation

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Vision Achieved daily goals creation practice – Level 1

Total service active days : 30 days, Practice is open for 30 days, you must complete your practice in 21 days.


Why is this practice required?

This practice help individuals to align their inner Being with the goals they want to accomplish in life, and therefore, with regular practice, it seems like a dream – goals become possible, feasible, and achievable.

How is this practice performed?

The practice has four powerful sub practices

  1. Clearing – Clearing involves the internal cleaning of thoughts, emotions, feelings, and body sensations. People who have done Vipassana meditation will relate to this process; however, this process is more tuned to achieve the goals.
  2. Creating Future – Based on experience, every thought is the beginning of the creation process. Therefore, human beings are continuously creating a creation. In short human beings are creating ->creating. In this process, individuals will remove a few faulty creations like fear, doubt, and worry about goals and make new creations required to accomplish goals.
  3. Declaration of Goals – During this part of the practice – participants declare goals to the universe. Declaring goals to the universe opens the possibility of listening in other people such that the individual expressing goals is not just aligned but also 100% committed to reach their destinations. Therefore, being of individual shifts from a state “I have to achieve this goal” to a new form of being that “My goals have already happened.”
  4. Sankalp Shakti – This practice invokes the deep-rooted determination power inside the humans and individual experience inner power to take action, and is not stopped  by clouds of thoughts, if any, and her/his actions moves in the direction of goals.

What will one accomplish by practicing?

Individuals will experience a high level of alignment and congruency in their thoughts, emotions, feelings, body sensations with the goals to be accomplished. And the goals naturally become possible, feasible, and achievable.

It requires 21 days for a human being to accept and adapt to the practice.

This 21 days program is complete in itself, however, practitioners can repeat multiple sessions of 21 days practice to gain mastery in the teaching of this practice or join the LEVEL 2 program for goals creation.

Time of the day : participant can select time slot of their choice, while filling the registration google form.


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