Why SaleMaker?

Startups and Many Enterprises have excellent products and services to offer. However, many a time, due to lack of reach to target customers Startup and new enterprises are unable to close sales. SaleMaker provides reach and skilled Sales and Business Development Executives across India, a platform for Startups to reach target customers.

Charter of SaleMaker is to sell & close deals for Startups/Entrepreneurs. SaleMaker is into selling Products and Services across India for any company, and especially for Startups. The purpose of SaleMaker is to provide a network of trained Sales Executive across India, to grow sales for any enterprise and ramp up sales in shortest possible time.

Who could use SaleMaker Services?

Startups and Entrepreneurs, with excellent products/solutions, and those who have tremendous faith in their innovation/product/solution offerings and need a partner to take it to market and sell.

What would SaleMaker do?

Once you enable SaleMaker to sell your product/service/solution, SaleMaker would do all the ground work of reaching out to customers and sell. Our skilled sales executive would do market research in local geography, prospecting - would reach out to customers, engage with the customer in a sales discussion, address any techno-commercial queries from end clients, negotiate price and close the deal for you.

how is salemaker delivering?

SaleMaker becomes congruent with core value proposition and the mission of its clients the startups and then creates a sales and business development strategy to reach out potential customers across the country.

SaleMaker enables its sales team to reach out potential customers and execute sale. SaleMaker is continuously developing and augmenting its sales capability by hiring and training sales executives across the country. We have been developing our Sales Team, and growing across the country to provide effective Sales Coverage.

For Startups who are offering B2B solutions SaleMaker assumes ownership of executing sales target in potential segment/markets and execute strategy by reaching out to target accounts, target customers to sell, by engaging at top levels and decision makers. We open doors for Startups and Entrepreneurs in target accounts where you desire to sell and have longer relationships.

For Startups who are offering B2C solutions SaleMaker takes ownership of developing strategy & programs for Go-to-Market, and execute in an effective way to achieve sales targets agreed.

As a Startup / Entrepreneur, in case you need any help to sell more, contact SaleMaker.

At SaleMaker - We believe in your dream and work to make it a reality

Behind every Startup, there is always a dream to create a solution to solve some major problem or to significantly improve the quality of life of humanity or businesses.

Backed up by a highly creative team all entrepreneurs at Startups are generally able to create an impressive state of the art solutions.

Some Startups are successful in ramping their sale, however, some are not and they get stuck due to inadequate sales, business development, and marketing skill.

As a Startup / Entrepreneur, in case you need any help to sell more, contact SaleMaker.